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Chris Hackney

Atlanta native Chris Hackney is a rising force within the live entertainment industry drawing from years of career experience and knowledge in various industry related roles. Inspired by the ascension of southern music culture onto the national stage Chris knew at an early age that he was destined to become a part of the music industry in some capacity. As a high school student he ran a small music business selling mix CDs to fellow students which grew into a successful small scale enterprise. He then leveraged his relationships to land a job as a staff member at a popular Atlanta nightclub at the tender age of seventeen despite not being old enough to even patronize the venue. His experiences at that nightclub proved to be invaluable learning many of the skills that he still employs to this day.

As a business administration student at Presbyterian College Chris took up summer term internships with an Atlanta music management company known as The Muddy Water Group. During this internship Chris learned the ins-and-outs of the music business assisting in various areas of the company from street team promotion to performance rehearsals. Chris credits his time spent at The Muddy Water Group as the pivotal point when he discovered his passion for live music. He quickly shifted his focused within The Muddy Water Group to concentrate on the live performance aspect of the business. With his new found focus he began contributing to the production of numerous concerts around the Atlanta area gaining a reputation for attention to detail and innovative promotional strategies.

Ever the constant learner, shortly after graduation Chris took on a position as a public relations strategist with a public relations firm in the Atlanta area. At this firm he was able to hone his skills in branding and marketing while executing several successful events for clients. Along with the expansion of his overall skill set Chris was able to expand his industry network vastly. With all the necessary chips in place Chris felt it was time to re-engage with The Muddy Water Group in order to push a more innovative platform. In a short span of time Chris has already had the privilege to work with several large acts as well as rising stars pushing his vision for The Muddy Water Group even further.